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Let's get right to it... The software I use to optimize all of my websites is called SEO Elite.
Over the years I've managed to purchase every type of SEO product ever available.
Things from Web Position Gold, to Traffic Power to many others.

Guess what? Nothing worked. Yeah, their flashy sales letters drew me in and I ended up dishing out well over a thousand bucks on these programs. Personally, I think they target the audience of people that are just getting started with search engine optimization and just don't know what they need to do. Whatever the case is, it worked on me.

Anyway, several years went by and I was beginning to get extremely frustrated with myself and these companies... So, finally I decided to just create my own program. Afterall, I'd been working as a full time computer programmer. I used it privately for several years and was starting to see some awesome results, to say the least.

I watched my income gradually increase from 100 bucks a week, to over
$10,000 per 2 week pay period!

And this wasn't even including my regular salary . I was only doing website stuff part time!

Here are a couple of screenshots for some of the products I promote and the income they're currently making me:

This is a weight loss related product of my own that I sell from one of my many websites.
This is a direct screenshot taken from within my account...

Yes, that's right, $2,969 in 1 week... from 1 product, on 1 website only.

I haven't touched that website in nearly a year and it's still bringing in well
over $10,000 a month of pure profit!

That's over $120,000 a year from only 1 product and 1 website!

Here's another sreenshot:

This is actually my Google Adsense account for another one of my websites. I just stuck up Google's Adsense code on a website and it's currently paying my monthly house payment :-) $794.24 earnings per month...

Here's another account where I'm an affiliate for a company and promote their products.
Check out the date range. This is only for 1 week. I'm bringing in nearly $15,000 per week
for this company :-)

This goes to show that you can make incredible amounts of money by spending nothing! I don't make money from these products using any pay per click listings, banner advertising, or any other type of advertising other than pure Search Engine Optimization. I don't spend a dime on advertising and neither will you!

Below, I've put together some very good demo videos to show you some of the features within SEO Elite .

Demo Videos!

"Get Literally Hundreds Of Links Pointing To Your Website In Under 10 Minutes!"
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SEO Elite will find thousands of "link submission forms" and will allow you to fill out these forms and submit your link with a single click of a button. Saving you literally hundreds of hours AND shooting you to the top of the search engines in record time !

" Quickly And Easily See Why Your Competitors Are Ranking Well... Then Copy Their Strategy To Blow By Them!"
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Take the mystery out of why certain websites are ranking well in the search engines. SEO Elite will tell you in a matter of minutes, EXACTLY why any website ranks at the top. Then, simply copy what they're doing and blow right by them in the search engines!

"Find And Email Thousands Of Hidden, High Page Rank Link Partners Within SEO Elite!"
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Never again search for contact information for a website. Never again email link exchange requests manually. SEO Elite will find thousands of possible high Page Rank link partners for you. You can then email these websites with a single click of a button! Never before has link exchanging been so easy!

"Monitor Your Rankings In All The Major Search Engines, For An Unlimited Number Of Keywords And Websites!"
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As you use SEO Elite to improve your search engine rankings, you MUST have an easy way to monitor your rankings in the search engines. Rather than manually visiting each search engine to see where your website is ranked, SEO Elite will automatically check your rankings for you!

"In Seconds, Find Out If Your Link Partners Have Removed Your Link From Their Website! And Prevent Getting Penalized By The Search Engines!"
Click Here To Watch A Demo Video!
A little known technique for improving your search engine ranking is to remove those websites that you link to, yet do not link back to your website. Many times you will exchange links with another website and at some point they'll remove your link. By continuing to link to a website that is no longer linking to you, you're actually hurting your ranking!

"Monitor An Unlimited Number Of Websites To Find Which Web Pages Are Indexed In The Search Engines!"
Click Here To Watch A Demo Video!
Use SEO Elite to easily see how many pages you've gotten the search engines to index. In order to rank anywhere in the search engines, your website must first be indexed. This will allow you to see at a glance, which webpages can actually be ranked AND more importantly which ones can't, so you can make the necessary changes (which I'll teach you) in order to rank well for your main keywords!

Watch the videos. Put into action everything I've taught you so far, and you'll be destined for success. Stay tuned because I'll be sending you MANY more lessons in the coming days. The things I teach are ONLY things that work. I don't want to waste your time and mine with worthless junk, so pay attention to each and every lesson that you'll be receiving.

Now get out there are start doing some serious damage on those search engines!

All the best,

Brad Callen
Professional SEO

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